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Apr 05, 2018 at 16:48
(United Kingdom)
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Calling Miss EmmieSue Vote for this post

Hullo Miss EmmieSue....I have wanted to say just how really smashing you looked in your Easter Bonnet and very pretty,also I am being a good boy to your Bestest Friend NimbySue and when she barks very early in the morning she wakes me up but I do not bark back at her I just look at her and let her know I am there and of corse there is always a little picture light left on for us to see if its dark and mummy gets up anyway and comes straight down the stairs,also Mummy is proud of how clever I can be .....sometimes I take my hedgiehog toys outside on the lawn or patio ...well early evening today daddy was back and some baby piggies arrived at the farm so mummy had to go and help unload them and we watched from the garden....when mummy came back she noticed I had fetched a soft toy onto the lawn......Yes! I fetched out the only toy Piggy we have!!...I have never carried piggy out before so mummy says what a bright clever boy I am .we had a nice dry day today and I hope your weather will get warm soon so you can sunbathe maybe...I like to lay in the sun myself.I can write again soon to you if your mummy will let me....Lots of Love from Andy Pandy x

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Apr 05, 2018 at 20:12
• Deborah

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Oh, it are so good ta hear from you my Andy Pandy! I is eber so proud a you fer bein a good bwuvver ta my bestest friend an your sissie, Nimby Sue! I do believ you is tryin your best an I am bery impressed! Oh, an I agree, you is eber so clever ta pick out dat piggy! I wonders what you'll do next you cleber boy?? It are still gloomy an cool here, no sunbathin in dis weather! We had snow flurries taday and more expected tamorrow. I cans wait to lie in da sun an dream bout you! Oh yes, I think you is winnin me ober! Well, it are tweet time an Daddy are rattlin round in da cupboard. I wishes you an bestest a bery good night an sweet dreams ta bof a you!
Lub, your Emmie Sue

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