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Apr 15, 2018 at 11:31
(United Kingdom)
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Calling Bestest Friend EmmieSue Vote for this post

Hullo Bestest Fwend Emmie,I beens meaning to call yoo but this weekend mummy gots such a tewwible cold..she all shivery today and wented to beddie early yesterday all stwep throaty...we beens for 2 nice walkies today in the motor car to a park and a mere and hads a cup of tea...Mummy,s sissies are cuming next weekend so mummy wants the cold gone by then,also the wevver is warming up after toosday and yesterday we spended a good time in the garden wiv mummy twying to hoe and edge the lawns...anyway Bestest the noos I have is I am vewy happy aboot yoo and my Bwuvver Drew butI have to say yesterday my kitty fetched a baby bunny into the garden and left it as a pwesant and bwuvver Drew foond it and it wos no more...mummy shed a tear and said pwayers and I heard her blubbering on aboot the wee fing not even having had a life yet!..oh deary me I guess her cold mades her more upset I weckon!....Bwuvver A is a good boy and he dus mean well in a bumbling way and he is gwate fun and has a vewy bright side to him...I mean he can surpwise us at his cleverness,I wills be keeping a close watch that he dus notget oot of hand so to speak wiv his reply's to yoo...he cans be vewy polite to start when he gets to know yoo thats when he can change to his rather ruff and tumbly ways..but yoo bofe have my bwessing...I haves been doing well again and my likkle tail wags loads still and I yap quite a lot....I dids not get mummy up till 6.30 today cos I knewed she needed to rest...Mummy says she hopes yor mummy and Daddy are doing fine and how is yor mummy's knee and back?....I speeky soon ....also I thought of a song from wayback for was by LOBO...I change the last word though......Me and yoo and a dog named Drew!!..I fink the dog wos called Boo really!!
Big Huggies and kissies to yoo and luv yoo loads fwom Bestest Fwend NimbySue and Drew xxxxxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Apr 15, 2018 at 12:58
• Deborah

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Re: Calling Bestest Friend EmmieSue Vote for this post Reply to this Message Reply with a quote

Oh Bestest Friend Nimby Sue, you dons know how happy you hab made me! Not only is you doin so much better, but you hab gib your blessin ta me an Drew becomin special friends! I know boys will be boys, an Mommy are sayin "Poor baby bunny!" but really, I knows if I could get my liddle choppers on one a dem chippies dat tease me all da time, da would be history too! So, dat bein said, I gib Drew a pass on dat one! I is trustin you ta keep him in line (as much as you can!) an if he starts ta slide backwards, remind him dat I hab eyes on him! Hee!Hee!
 We is so sorry ta hear dat your Mummy are under da weader! So is my Daddy! He been hackin round wif a chest cold an Mommy says if he isn't any better soon, he gots ta go see da doctor! We had 2 days a hot weader, in da 80's an now it are back in da 40's! One day I needs my coat ta go fer walkies an da next day I don--go figure! Mommy been habin a good weekend wif her back an knee but who knows bout tamorrow...Her says her takes it one day at a time an hopes fer da best! Her allergies is drivin her bonkers but dat didn't keep us from sittin on da patio an watchin da birdies las night. Of course, all dat chirpin soon put me ta sleep an her had ta wake me up fer our walkie! Also, we discovered dat der are a gray kitty livin under her pottin shed! We only saw it goin in der twice an her is hopin it don hab babies under der! I will keep you informed when I learn more bout him (or her!) Well, time fer my walk, sos I is sendin soft kissies blown across da pond fer you an my Drew an wish you bof sweet dreams!
Lub you all lots an lots, bestest friend Emmie Sue

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