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May 03, 2018 at 16:36
(United Kingdom)
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Hello Miss Emmie Sue Vote for this post

Hello Miss EmmieSue,I was wondering how you are and I am sorry to hear that you have damaged your little Nails I mean,and I hope they will be alright...I am being a good boy...sort of..but I play mummy up a bit she says because I am always trying to get the pesky cats...well you see I have never been used to them and I am a terrier after all,but I am being a good boy to your Bestest Friend NimbySue ,although I do get a bit jealous sometimes when mummy fusses and kisses her..but then she does hug and give me a kiss as well,every night at beddie times mummy kisses us both and tells us she loves us.its supposed to be a nice weekend so I hope to do some sunbathing and kitty watching in the garden and Mummy and Daddy says we are going out for short walks somewhere in the motor car..I love the motor car rides...Do you go out in the motor car EmmieSue? would be so nice to sit beside you in one I do think...yes that would be Jolly nice...I will say Nightie Night now and speak again very soon and NimbySue says Big Huggies and kisses from her and I say a Big Kiss and pawhugs from me...Lots of Love Drew xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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May 03, 2018 at 17:13
• Deborah

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Oh Drew, you do know what to say to turn a girl's head! Mommy talked to my vet lady an her wants me ta start takin fish oil--of all things! I only hopes I don start smellin like some ole fish--not a bery lady like scent I do say! I is pleased ta hear dat you is tryin ta be a good boy an treatin my bestest friend Nimby Sue nicely! Her is a princess you know an you shouldn't get jealous when your Mummy lubs her up. Afer all, you is a big strong boyyo an though we all knows a hug an kissie are most welcome, Mommy says it are different fer girls. We seem ta need dem lovins more dan boys. I dons know what would be da difference myself but den i've neber been a boy! Hee!Hee! I hope you get good weather fer your motor car trips an I cans wait ta hear all bout your adventures! It are 92* here an Mommy are limitin my time outside. Her says it got too hot too quick an our bodies haben't had time ta adjust. Thankfully, it are suppose ta be back ta normal soon with highs in the low 70's an high 60's. My kinda weader I do say! Well, I've talked your ear off long enuf an it are time fer a liddle walkie before supper. I lubs you Drew an your sissy, Nimby Sue too! I would lub ta sit beside bof a you an take a motor car ride but der are a bit of a problem--dat big pond between us...Oh well, we can dream we is tagether! You hab a good night and tell bestest friend Nimby Sue I said sweet dreams fer bof a you!
Lub you all lots an lots, your Emmie Sue

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