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Jun 05, 2018 at 17:38
(United Kingdom)
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Calling Bestest Fwend Emmie Sue Vote for this post

Hulloo Bestest Fwend Emmie,How is yoo doing? and yor Mummy,I sawed yor post fwom Bwuvver Drew...he still looks a mess I weckon wiv his unkemp hairdo but mummy says she still not finished him...she not sit doown till aboot 9 at night and later tonight cos she been in the garden after gardening all day at worky and she checks on the piggers and sumtimes they get oot....not into my pot I do say !!..they allowed free range then and dont go far away...Mummy says she must not get attached to them but she dus....I see in yor post to drewboy that yoo gots a skunky...I never seened one of them...Mummy says they smell and give off a squirty or sumfing...Is it real smelly I do ask?...but am I wight in finking they cute looking..bit like a cwoss between a badger and a Auntie Eater...fancy sumfing eating your Auntie!!..well I never!!...we gots dwy wevver still but not as hot but at least it cooler  tonight a bit.I doing OK but just an odd spell of startliness sumtimes as though something catches  in my eye like a bright light...Mummy says it cuds be cos I gots cataracts ,I still gets my milky thistle and I still yappeter  in the garden sumtimes and I cans yappy like mad when I gets my din dins...How is yor mummy doing,dus her leggie still hurt? mummy hads to buy new soft material shoes cos of her bunion fingy..she cants get her others on now..we send positive thoughts yor mummy is not in a lot of pain but my mummy says she wishes she wos younger agains...the mind is willing but the bod is not!!...I seds...just keep going mummy I is a lot older than yoo and I can still do it!...well I better go to nigh nighs now Bestest...Mummy is late going to beddie  and I make sure I wake her early Ha Ha ...she panicks if she not hear me yap early to get her up and cums zooming doown the stairs to check I ams OK,,,,yor Drewboy is still fast asleep dweeming of yoo...speak soonest again and Big Huggies and kissies fwom Bestest fwend NimbySue  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...Drewboy sends a Big X to yoo. 

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Jun 05, 2018 at 18:12
• Deborah

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Ah, bestest friend Nimby Sue, it are so good ta hear from you! I is glad dat you is feelin better an yappin wif da best a dem! I specks your Mummy will get da hang a clipperin Drew. Member, her are used ta Cairns more dan Westies who hab a more refined cut (Accordin ta my Mommy, I not know bout such things myself an as long as da hair ain't hangin in my eyes or growin out my ears, I is a happy camper!) Hee!Hee! Yeppir, we gots a skunk alrigh! Maybe your Mummy can find a piccie a one on da puter an show it ta you. Da is black wif a white streak runnin down der backs--cute but wif a deadly aim a juice you cans eben begin ta imagine smells ta high heaben! I wouldn't eben roll in it if I smelled it on da grass an I hab rolled in some bery pungeant piles I do say! Tell your Mummy thanks fer askin bout my Mommy! Her still habin twoubles wif her back an leg an specs her always will. Some days is better dan udders. Her says gettin old ain't fer sissies! We hopes your Mummy's back an bunion are better. Mommy says her can see your Mummy gettin attached ta dem liddle porkers...Me, I looks at dem an see bacon strips on a plate but den Mommy says I is a blood thirsty liddle Miss! Well, I neber!! I cans help it if I are hungry all da time now can I?? You stays OK an I will wish you an Drew bof sweet dreams an butterfly kissies. 
Lub you bof lots an lots, bestest friend Emmie Sue

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