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Sep 08, 2018 at 16:58
(United Kingdom)
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Calling EmmieSue Vote for this post

Hello EmmieSue....I am sending you a Big Hug and big Westie kiss cos I know you will be feeling real sad that your Bestest Friend was called over the bridge,Mummy is so very sad and been going through pictures and photos of Nimby and she cried a real lot yesterday and even took Nimby upstairs to stay in her bedroom last night...I slept on Daddys bed and mummy fetched Nimby back down this morning on her soft beddie,but she is now in the freezer with the chips above her and the peas.....Ooooooh I never seen anything like this before...and we are all going on Saturday to  rest her old little jacket as mummy calls it in the same area as a so called Elliekins is buried...I think that was Nimbys Sissie...anyway...I was also taken out for  4 hours this morning to the antique fair at a showground...Mummy is looking for another mourning locket to put Nimbys fur in......Not all of it mind you(she would need a large handbag for that ,and anyway Nimby needs her fur in that freezer I think!)...anyway alas she never got a locket..she saw 2 and a lovely glass and gold seed pearl mourning ring but the lady told us the prices and Mummy looked like she might have gone and joined Nimby there and Then! I said to her ...come along now Mummy there will be less pricey ones  in time mummy still has her other 3 she is wearing ..with 5 puppers hair in,but no more room at the Inn so to speak for Nimbys to fit in......Keep calm mummy I said again and one will turn up....Some snippets of Nimbys fur are in a Silver topped little jar in the lounge with all her little bunnies sat round and photos of her!!...Oooh Emmie I hope things get back to normal soon...anyway on another note the pink Bunny you gave to Nimby is joining her with her fave bunny and a letter and some hair from mummy when she is laid to rest....Oh OK Mummy!!....and a picture of you and one of her Mr Willie....well in with her old jacket as mummy keeps telling me cos Nimby has already flown over the Bridge.....I really never knew Nimby could fly....I never saw her do that before...but I guess she was always a clever clogs and Brighter than me...I had better go now  but Big Kisses to you and Nimby told me to look after you and send her Bestest friend a Big Hug and kiss as well and to say she will always luv you and her Mr Willie....she never said that about me though.....Lots of Love from your Andrew/your Drew xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Sep 08, 2018 at 18:55
• Deborah

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Hello my Drew! I miss my bestest friend so much an I know dat your Mummy an Daddy miss her eben more! I knows you two didn't always get along an dat you sometimes didn't tweat her like da Princess her was (an still is!) but I knows you are missin her too. Mommy been goin round wif red beakers an she keeps given me hugs an kissies an sayin "It'll be alright Emmie!" It's not goin ta be da same, but I is still goin ta hab long chats wif my bestest friend Nimby Sue--it'll jus be tellypathic now!  I not sure I know what she thinks a bein in da freezer--seein as her cans eat any a da goodies in der...but I spect her is eatin all da bacon her wants at RB an smilin da whole time her is crunchin away on it! Mommy says dat Elliekins an Kelsie will show her da ropes at RB an dat they'll hab a lubly time chasin chippies an such. We hopes your Mummy finds a very special necklace fer Nimby's hair. Mommy gots bits a Kelsie's in a memory box she keeps in her bedroom. Tell her we is keepin her in our prayers an know how much her is hurtin right now. I is so lucky ta hab you Drew! I lubs you so much an hopes you can help your Mummy an Daddy feel better. I sendin you sweet dreams an big mushy kissies.
Lub, your Emmie

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