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Jul 13, 2019 at 17:52
(United Kingdom)
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Calling my EmmieSue Vote for this post

Hello my EmmieSue,How are you?..sowwy I nots been here much but Mummy had a bad rushed week at worky and Daddy got one more week off now till he goes back now his leggo mendered,I been out loads  and today Mummy and Daddy tooked me to  the brecon beacons moorland  and the booktown and brecon as well..I show you my piccies tomorrow and also Emmie...Mummy has started getting in touch wiv peeples about a sissie for me..she keeps saying she gots no luck so far but she been in touch wiv cairn rescue tonight..its a waiting game at the moment she says..some small weenies baby ones but she says I cud be too ruff for a poopy....I just want a sissie like NimbySue I said to her...when she talks like Nimby used to or mentions her name I look up at her..can you make her hurry up and get me a new sissie pweese...I love you loads as my only Galfrend and know you understand its not the same love for a sissie...I speek tomorrow and dweem of you tonight..Big Kisses from your Drew Mummy and NimbySue with her wings xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Deb, Emmie and Angel Kelsie
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Jul 13, 2019 at 18:21
• Deborah

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Hello my Drew! My Mommy been bery busy too. Her had somethin called deadlines ta meet dis week an dat means lotsa time on da computer instead a playin wif me--boo hoo....Her says Emmie, now you knows I lubs you but I gots ta make pennies ta buy you tweets so you'll hab ta make due wif your Daddy playin wif you! It been so hot an humid, I nots go out bery long, jus long enuf ta do my business an a short walkie an den back inside where it's cooler. We nots go out afer dark cause dat big ole bear are still roamin da neighborhood. We nots want ta meet up wif him I do say!! It sounds like your weader are cooler an you've been to lots a great places! I cans wait ta see da piccies! Mommy are all a twitter hearin your Mummy are a bit closer ta gettin you a new sissie! We thinks maybe bestest friend Nimby Sue an my sissie, Angel Kelsie are workin a bit a magic an who knows what will happen when dem two works tagether! We will stay tuned for more news about dat subject! You be a good boy an try ta get along wif Stigs! I'll be dreamin bout you tanight an wishin you were here ta protect me from dat ole bear! I send you lots a sloppy smoochies XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Lub, your Emmie Sue (Mommy an Angel Kelsie)

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