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Breed: Male Westie
Webster, New York
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Born: July, 2005
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Webster, New York
Weight: 14.5 pounds

Favorite food: Dogs cookies and macaroni and cheese(my owner gave me one once and I gobbled it all up!).

Favorite toy: Stuffed bone that squeaks.

Favorite activity: Barking, jumping on people and gazing out the window.

Special talents: I can jump to the top of the counter and grab dish towels.

Most embarrassing moment: I dont really have one most embarrassing moment ( I am only 7 months old you know!) But, when Im excited to see someone I "go" on the floor (or carpet).

Most trouble I ever got into: Once I ate my mommys glasses perscription and I got in trouble. Also I like to "dig" on the couch.

My favorite friends: My best friends are my "brother" ( from another mother) Tank (lab), Sunny (lab whose scared of me!) my mommy, grammy, uncle, grandpa and pretty much any one I see. (Im a very friendly dog).

Biggest adventure: Well....I guess I would have to say when I climbed the stairs up to my mommy room to lay on her bed (I couldnt find her so that's where I looked).

Member since 02/26/2006
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