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Deija Vu
Breed: Female Cairn
Miami, Florida
Deija Vu
Deija Vu
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Born: 08-14-05
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Miami, Florida
Weight: 7.5 pounds

Favorite food: Nutro-Max Ultra.

Favorite toy: Tree sticks from the yard.

Favorite activity: Playing ball and puppy classes.

Special talents: Problem solving (opening my crate door and jumping at my mom's hand anxious for the treat in it.

Most embarrassing moment: I am never embarrassed.

Most trouble I ever got into: When I chewed on my Daddy's work papers right under his nose.

My favorite friends: My aunt's Bischon Freese, my other Aunt's Dalamtion and small poodle...and soon to be my 3 Cairn Friends.

Biggest adventure: Going to the dog show in Tampa.

Member since 02/10/2006
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