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Andy, Murrfy & Casy
Breed: Male Westies
St Louis, Missouri
Andy, Murrfy & Casy
Andy, Murrfy & Casy
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Born: Multiple
Breed: Male Westies
Residence: St Louis, Missouri
Weight: Chunky boys

Favorite food: Carrots and jelly belly jellybeans.

Favorite toy: Kongs with peanut butter.

Favorite activity: Taking a walk....running and playing tag in the back yard with everyone!!

Special talents: We all get what we want...

Most embarrassing moment: Getting caught shredding 3 rolls of toilet paper...it looked like it snowed in the house.

Most trouble I ever got into: See above.

My favorite friends: Daisy out black lab fiend that lives next door.

Member since 02/14/2006
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