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Sir Cedric
Breed: Male Westie
Ontario, Canada
Sir Cedric
Sir Cedric
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Born: Gotcha Day 25-09-05
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Ontario, Canada
Weight: 14 pounds

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Favorite food: Anything and everything.

Favorite toy: What are toys???

Favorite activity: Following Casey and Rebel around the yard and peeing over their marks.

Special talents: Making my mommy laugh out loud. Awarded for the cutest nose and funniest smile.

Most embarrassing moment: I never get embarassed.

Most trouble I ever got into: Not been in trouble... YET.

My favorite friends: My brother Casey, he's the best!! and Rebel, the big goofy chocolate lab that lives next door.

Biggest adventure: My trip from New Jersey to my forever home in Ontario. So many kind people helped me along the way, I had so many kisses and hugs and enjoyed it so much I didn't want the trip to end. Then I saw my Momma and knew I was home to stay.

Member since 01/01/2006
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