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Pixie and Korey
Breed: Female and Male Westies
Pixie and Korey
Pixie and Korey
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Born: Aug '03, Jun '04
Breed: Female and Male Westies
Residence: Hoboken
Weight: 12 lbs, 15 lbs

Favorite food: Pixie- Puriena Pro Plan. Korey- Purina Pro Plan.

Favorite toy: Pixie- Stuffed westie, tennis ball, tug o'rope, scrunchie hair tie. Korey- Anything you're playing with, or a ball.

Favorite activity: Pixie- Steal the scrunchie from Mom's hair and save her. Korey- Watching lizards .. one day I'm gonna catch one!

Special talents: Pixie- My Special Talent is: I stole my human Moms heart, I seen her and I stood up my back paws and put my front paws together and begged her to pick me up! ... it was Love at First Sight. It still works too. I do that when I want something really bad and I get it! OK, most of the time ... but it makes Mom laugh, she is still smitten with me ... lol. Korey- My Special Talent is: When Mom has to leave and she say's "Go to Your Rooms" I am the First one to My Room and I am sitting the most patient, too.

Most embarrassing moment: Pixie- When my family took me with them for a long drive to pick up a new 'friend' for me. I didn't ask for anything and was quite happy being the center of attention for the whole family, so what was she talking about a 'friend' for me for? Anyways, we get to this other house with other Westie Dogs. They were behind their fence and we sniffed at each other. They seemed nice and we chatted for a bit. We got a long great and I began to wonder which one was going home with us as my new friend. Mom took me into the house with the lady and we went into this big room. Mom sat down and I sat at her feet. All of a sudden, something tugged at my leash. It was under the couch and tugged again, this time harder. I got up and pulled back trying to free myself and as I got further from the couch something came out from underneath ... a little white furball. Who was this creature pulling my leash like that and startling me .... oh, mom just said THIS was my new friend ... gosh .... how embarrassing ... and he's coming home with us. What did mom call him ... oh yeah, Korey! Korey- Mom had to take me to the vet and she decided to let their groomer cut my hair ... was that ever a mistake. Mom came and got me and although she tried to hide it, she was laughing at me. First she acted shocked, then mad ... I must have looked funny cause she got the clipper ot when we got home and 'fixed' me she said. How embarrassing ... it was such a bad haircut Mom had to make it better ... and she pays someone to cut my hair because she can't ... explain that one!

Most trouble I ever got into: Pixie- I smelled something very interesting out in my garden. I started digging, the smell got better and I started digging more. I was really making progress when the door open and Mom yelled out to me "Pixie! ... STOP! I looked at her really quick 'cause she sounded real mad at me. You're diggin up my ROSES!!! uh-oh, no treat for me tonight ... but something smelled real interesting and I had to check it out. It's not like she can't move those rose bushes, I'll did her a hole so she can. Korey- I thought I was helping my mom out, by showing her where the fence was weak, so I got out and barked for her at the gate. I thought she'd be happy, but I was wrong .... took her a while to find the spot. I would have showed her but she was so mad for me finding it, I didn't dare.

My favorite friends: Pixie- My mate, Korey. Korey- My mate, Pixe and daughter Katie.

Biggest adventure: Pixie- I went out into the yard after it raind, to do my 'business', and I came across a really big mole that was all wet. Thought it was drowned from the rain but when I sniffed it, it moved. I jumped on it and shook it hard, then tossed it. Went and picked it up again, shook it and tossed it again, did that a few times until it bit me on the lip. I squealed like a puppy and cried until it let go. My mom wanted to help me, but she was afraid of it tearing my lip, so was I, so I didn't try to shake it off either. It finally let go and I went to give it a good bite, but my mom tossed it outside the fence where I couldn't get it. I was very excited at all the action. Mom was more worried about my lip, but not me .. hey it would have been a badge of honor for me ... but luckily for mom, it wasn't more than a pinch. Korey- When I was 5 months old, I found a weak spot in the fence, I was going to tell Mom but there were these big birds out back. All of a sudden I just had to chase them, I was so close to them, but could only catch the wing tip of one. Mom called them, Guineas, whatever they are, they are fun to chase, when I get the chance.

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