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Breed: Male Westie
Milford, Pennsylvania
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Born: July 5, 2003
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Milford, Pennsylvania
Weight: 18 pounds

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Favorite food: Anything besides my dry food.

Favorite toy: Ratboy, my squeeky rat toy.

Favorite activity: Playing with my older brother, Silver, a shepherd/collie mix and going for walks so I can sniff at things.

Special talents: Looking cute, ripping up paper and dancing for my treats.

Most embarrassing moment: I fell off the couch when I was trying to get comfy.

Most trouble I ever got into: I got into the paper recyle bag and took everything out and had it all nicely shredded all over the kitchen.

My favorite friends: My Mom & Dad and big brother Silver. My cousins Shadow & Star and their Mom & Dad.

Biggest adventure: First going to my cousin's house and living there for a while. Then meeting my brother Silver and my new Mom & Dad and riding in the car to PA with them to my new forever home!

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