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Breed: Male Westie
Miami, Florida
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Born: June 2005
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Miami, Florida
Weight: 14 pounds.

Favorite food: Cherry tomatoes and my Greenies.

Favorite toy: My purple Stitch stuffed animal.

Favorite activity: I LOVE THE SWIMMING POOL... Whenever I get let outside, I sneak onto the first pool step and play! I love digging in the backyard and playing with my sister Mullett. But my favorite activity ever is playing in the mud!

Special talents: I have the ability to look so innocent yet be so guilty! ;) I am also very photogenic, I love the camera.

Most embarrassing moment: Well its embrassing but whenever I get out of the pool I am always full body wet and I look like a little white rat. So as soon as I get out I run to the nearest dry piece of clothing and rub all over it so I dry faster!

Most trouble I ever got into: Recently, I got professionally groomed and as soon as I got home I ran to the pool and jumped in! Then Mullett and I went digging and I got completely dirty. When my mom saw me she wasn't to happy! :(

My favorite friends: My sister Mullett. And just about anyone who gives me attention is my friend!

Biggest adventure: I once drove in the car from Delaware to Florida. It was like a twenty hour drive when we were done!

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