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Casey and Maggie
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Casey and Maggie
Casey and Maggie
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Born: May '02, June '03
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Residence: Pennsylvania
Weight: 17 pounds

Favorite food: Anything! Especially fruit!

Favorite toy: Laser pointer/Balls, my plush squeaky toys!

Favorite activity: Playing with our big brother Toby,and each other,looking for squirrels, going for walks. Cuddling/belly rubs and being with our Mommy!

Special talents: (Maggie)I can climb a small tree in our backyard. But not very high though.

Most embarrassing moment: (Maggie) Once,my tummy was feeling very bad and while I was on the couch,I threw up my dinner,a ll over my mommy!(Casey) Uhmm,one time I had slipped on some rocks and fell in the creek. My mommy was there to help me out. What a shock! Another time, to dry off after swimming at the park, I rolled in the dirt! My coat was all brown and full of leaves and stuff. Mommy thought it was funny, but I still had to get washed off again!

Most trouble I ever got into: (Maggie) Mommy has caught me a few times chewing up her socks and underpants. Oops,I didn't know she needed those! (Casey) I never was much of a chewer when I was little, but uh, well one time I decided to take a bite out of the couch at the bottom, making a nice little hole. Mommy was mad at me. Hey, I was a baby, I thought it would taste good!

My favorite friends: Toby, our big westie brother, and our Uncle Rick who sometimes visits us. We also like to bark at doggies next door.

Biggest adventure: Going on a long car trip with Mommy and her parents to LBU, NJ. We didn't swim at the beach though. It was kind of cold and too noisy for us. We did have a nice walk though!

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