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Breed: Female Westie
Destin, Florida
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Born: April, 2005
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Destin, Florida
Weight: 11 pounds

Favorite food: Good ol' Nutro dry puppy food.

Favorite toy: Right now, it's my red puzzle ball and my squeaky soccer ball.

Favorite activity: I love to chew, run really fast, dig (which I am not supposed to do ;), jump, and howl for fun! Here lately, I'm really becoming a bit of a barker as well!

Special talents: No awards...but I will sit for a treat...so far that's it...we are trying to master the "come" command right now...

Most embarrassing moment: My grandmom popped me on the nose in front of everyone because I nipped at her, and I got really embarrassed...I also feel really silly when I'm soaking wet in the bath tub...

Most trouble I ever got into: Digging! And messing on the carpet the day after all of the carpets were cleaned...I think the most frustrating thing for my mom is when I don't come when I'm called...I have very selective hearing ;).

My favorite friends: Right now just my human parents and family...I haven't been around many other dogs yet...

Biggest adventure: We went on a trip to see my grandparents last weekend...a four hour car ride in my new carseat, which I love! Then I got to play with everyone and be the center of attention for the entire weekend...by the time we got home, I was exhausted from my adventure!

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