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Tuff & Tippy
Breed: Male Cairns
Tuff & Tippy
Tuff & Tippy
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Born: 2/05 & 4/05
Breed: Male Cairns
Residence: Tehachapi
Weight: About 11 pounds each

Favorite food: Anything but our dog food, we like to sneek into the cat's food.

Favorite toy: We have Boogims, and Fluffy, but Iwe think tearing up toilet paper rolls is fun.

Favorite activity: Tuff likes to chase Tippy, and Bark alot! and Tippy likes water, and chewing on everything she can.

Special talents: We are just cute we are still kids so we haven't gotten any awards yet.

Most embarrassing moment: When Tippy ate cat poop and she smelled terrible and our humans friends happened to stop by at the same time. Tuff hasn't embarassed our humans yet.

Most trouble I ever got into: Tuff gets in trouble for sneeking off and visiting the neighbors dogs, when the humans arnen't looking and Tippy likes to chase the chickens Mom get real mad for that, because sometimes she will try to eat them.

My favorite friends: Every one who comes over, and our big dog sisters Jazz and Elvira.

Biggest adventure: We went camping overnight, slept in a tent. There were bears there too but we din't see any If they did come into camp Tuff would of barked at them.

Member since 08/23/2005
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