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Breed: Male Westie
New Lenox, Illinois
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Born: Unknown
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: New Lenox, Illinois
Weight: 23 pounds

Favorite food: Purino Pro Plan Adult/Small Breed mixed with Pedigree Canned.

Favorite toy: White stuffed gingerbread man, and green rubber ball.

Favorite activity: Chance loves to visit. There are 3 other dogs and two goats on the property. He is a social butterfly!

Special talents: No special talents or awards, but please know he is working hard every day, trying to put his trust into others. When I adopted Chance I lived alone, and he was not used to anyone else in his space. Now Chance and I are in related living with my daughter, and he is trying very hard to be sociable.

Most embarrassing moment: None yet!

Most trouble I ever got into: Hs is still too afraid to do anything "wrong."

My favorite friends: He loves the two labs that live downstairs, but they are so large and active that Chance must visit through the fence! The goats are more docile, so once a day we visit with them.

Biggest adventure: Coming to live with me in a downtown high-rise for two years, then moving this past October to a home on 4 1/2 acres with goats and other dogs!

Member since 07/15/2005
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