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Katie Bug and Jack
Breed: Female and Male Cairns
Mitchell, Georgia
Katie Bug and Jack
Katie Bug and Jack
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Born: 4/94 and 12/04
Breed: Female and Male Cairns
Residence: Mitchell, Georgia
Weight: Katie's weight is a secret and Jack is about 11 pounds

Favorite food: Katie eats whatever she wants and Jack eats only his kibble.

Favorite toy: Katie is much to sophisticated for toys and Jack plays with...paper.

Favorite activity: Katie enjoys sleeping and Jack enjoys keeping Katie from it.

Special talents: Katie has the ability to remain unseen until visitors arive and I Jack hasnt revealed a special talent yet.

Most embarrassing moment: Katie pooped in the local hardware store once.

Most trouble I ever got into: Katie pooped (again in a peculiar place) on my old boyfriends towel while he was taking a shower, and he grabbed it to wipe his face when he got out.

My favorite friends: Jack loves Katie and Katie loves herself.

Biggest adventure: They both love to ride in my bicycle basket.

Member since 05/09/2005
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