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Spartacus and Lilian
Breed: Male Cairn and Female Westie
Walnut, California
Spartacus and Lilian
Spartacus and Lilian
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Born: 4/10/03, 8/13/04
Breed: Male Cairn and Female Westie
Residence: Walnut, California
Weight: 16 lbs, 10 lbs

Favorite food: Spartacus- Anything. Lilian- Anything.

Favorite toy: Spartacus- Ball. Lilian- Lammie (A small stuffed animal that looks like a lamb).

Favorite activity: Spartacus- Chasing Lily. Lilian- Chasing Spartacus (Sparky as I call him).

Special talents: Spartacus- Plays Soccer "Goalie". Lilian- I Arroooo when I am not gettign enough attention.

Most embarrassing moment: Spartacus- My first visit to the vet, and the doctor called me meniacle. (We go to another vet now...). Lilian- None yet.

Most trouble I ever got into: Spartacus- I bit a chuck out of the leather sofa. Lilian- I tore up the screen on the front door. (oooppps).

My favorite friends: Spartacus- Lilan, my Westie wife. Lilian- I tore up the screen on the front door. (oooppps).

Biggest adventure: Spartacus- Escaping from my backyard, and going next door to visit "Cinnamon" the Pekinese. Lilian- None yet.

Member since 02/12/2005
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