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Breed: Male Westie
Cocoa, Florida
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Born: January, 2000
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Cocoa, Florida
Weight: 16 pounds

Favorite food: People food but mom won't let me eat that so I eat Nutro Natural Choice Lite.

Favorite toy: Any rope toy and the AKC rabbit and squirrel.

Favorite activity: Chasing squirrels, watching TV, and helping mom with my foster sisters.

Special talents: I am too stubborn to enter any challanges but I do have a talent for chasing squirells!

Most embarrassing moment: When I fell off the back of the couch and into a trap with the baywindow area. Or when I locked myself in the bathroom when mommy went outside to get the mail.

Most trouble I ever got into: Mommy and Daddy only get stern with me when I bark at the TV when they are trying to watch it.

My favorite friends: All my foster sisters. Sheila an exfoster sister (shihtzu) Popie (pappy) and Nessie (westie)current foster sisters and my Chantelle (pom) Riley (pom) and Scooter (pom).

Biggest adventure: Getting to my mom it took me 4 years and now I am home. I now am #1 poochie and king of this castle, it was a long hard road I spent alot of time with the first family in a cage, then came into rescue and was adopted to a woman who boarded me all the time then my mommy and daddy took me in to foster me but I adopted them and now we are a big happy family!!

My web page: Duncan's Website
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