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Breed: Male Westie
Woodbridge, New Jersey
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Born: September 1, 2003
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Woodbridge, New Jersey
Weight: 19 pounds

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Favorite food: Chicken, CARROTS ! yeah and... mostly anything that my pet humans drop on the floor or sneak to me!

Favorite toy: Hmm....my old monkey that makes a farting sound instaed of squeaks.

Favorite activity: Oh....I love to run up the stairs and go into my owner's bedroom! and go under the bed, taking socks and growling when she tries to drag me out!!

Special talents: I'm no show dog though I can sit,stay,come,laydown,High five, and turn around. but I don't like to be groomed.

Most embarrassing moment: When one day I felt a little crazy and I tried to run inside but I kinda bumped into the door jamb. I was okay I just got up and ran down the basement. then I ran around with a dirty sock and had lotsa FUN FUN FUN!

Most trouble I ever got into: Ohh....hmm....I get in trouble on a regular basis. I get in trouble for jumping on the sofachair to look out the window to watch my owners leave and stuff. and I get in trouble for somehow finding chicken bones outside and eating them. Nobody knows where they come from. I'm not telling!

My favorite friends: Levi and Elvis, the two labs at my owner's friend's house. I have many girlfriends, too. WHO SAYS A FIXED WESTIE TERRIER (TERROR) LIKE ME CAN'T HAVE GIRLFRIENDS?! There's Molly another westie, my online girlfriend, we recently got "married", then there's that white chihuahua who I see while I am in the van with my owner sometimes. I bark and wag my tail but she gets scared and won't tell me her name! More girlfriends of mine are anyones who I see at petsmart, the park,etc.

Biggest adventure: ....hmmm.... maybe that time when I got into the street but I walked across the street, but I had to go back home, and another time I went acros the street the neighbor bought me home...yeah I have accidently got out loose and I am not supposed to leave home but sometimes they leave the gate open or if I was accidently let out when a new fence was being put in, yeah, and guess what? I never even got hit by a car! I am adventurous.

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Member since 01/18/2005
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