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Maggie Olivia
Breed: Female Westie
Auburn, New York
Maggie Olivia
Maggie Olivia
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Born: August, 2003
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Auburn, New York
Weight: 19 pounds.

Favorite food: I love bacon, eggs and toast, though I don't get much.

Favorite toy: I love my stuffed animals, Blue the dog. Captain the dog, Vermon the mouse, and the pink Monk!

Favorite activity: I like to play "I got her", (my Dad and my chase game). I lay on our heat registars, amd I like looking out the window and barking at everything that moves.

Special talents: I talk to Mommy and Janelle.

Most embarrassing moment: I got my jaw caught in my harness and had to chew myself out. herself out.

Most trouble I ever got into: I ripped the wallpaper off the kitchen wall and did I ever get it!

My favorite friends: Toby, Fritz, Sattie and Ellie Mae!

Biggest adventure: When my humans went camping with me and I decided to slip out of my collar and chase a baby skunk under our camper. PU!

Member since 01/21/2005
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