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Fergie and Annie
Breed: Female Cairns
Belvidere, Illinois
Fergie and Annie
Fergie and Annie
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Born: Aug '00, Aug '99
Breed: Female Cairns
Residence: Belvidere, Illinois
Weight: 13 lbs, 13 lbs

Favorite food: Fergie- Carrot sticks. Annie- Anything I can get my paws on.

Favorite toy: Fergie- Tennis balls. Annie- My chew rope.

Favorite activity: Fergie- Watching the squirrels out the window, going for a walk with mom and dad, watching the other pups on animal planet. Annie- Laying in bed, playing with my sister Fergie.

Special talents: Fergie- I can shake paws and sit pretty. Annie- I can roll over sometimes! (please scratch my belly when I do.)

Most embarrassing moment: Fergie- When my sister Annie chewed on the woodwork and I didn't want to get blamed for it! Annie- When mom and dad cought me chewing the woodwork.

Most trouble I ever got into: Fergie- I pottied on the floor once. I felt bad though. Annie- See above, please. :)

My favorite friends: Fergie- My sister Annie! Annie- My sister Fergie.

Biggest adventure: Fergie- I used to be on the loose! My mom and dad rescued me and adopted me! Annie- When my family adopted me from the breeder so I didn't have to have any more puppies!

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