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Breed: Female Cairn
Melbourne, Australia
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Born: May, 2004
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Melbourne, Australia
Weight: 3.5 kg (8 lbs)

Favorite food: Chicken wings.

Favorite toy: Squeaky teddy, a chilli piece; socks, shoes and laces.

Favorite activity: I love jumping on my owner's bed. When she tells me 'off' I do a dash across the bed grabbing whatever I can on the way. Often I score socks from my bed treks! One day it was a tissue.

Special talents: I am the cheekiest munchkin.

Most embarrassing moment: There are so many. The most recent was when I was running along the hallway after escaping from the kitchen and I slipped on the wooden floor and went crashing into the wall. My smooth escape looked so silly...

Most trouble I ever got into: Stealing my owner's knickers from the laundry basket and running around the house with them. She couldn't catch my for ages.

My favorite friends: My family, squeaky teddy and my toy Daewoo Dane dog.

Biggest adventure: I have had lots! My biggest was going to work with my owner and we had to go on a tram.

Member since 10/19/2004
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