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Bo and Guusje
Breed: Female Westies
Bo and Guusje
Bo and Guusje
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Born: May '04
Breed: Female Westies
Residence: Netherlands
Weight: 5 kg, 5 kg

Favorite food: Bo- Dog cookies. Guusje- Dog Biscuits.

Favorite toy: Bo- Rope. Guusje- Stick.

Favorite activity: Bo- Dig holes in the garden. Guusje- Run around, dig holes in the garden and tease my sister Bo.

Special talents: Bo- I eat walnuts. Guusje- I can talk to people.

Most trouble I ever got into: Bo- Not either. Guusje- None.

My favorite friends: Bo- Twister. Guusje- Our neighbour westie Twister.

Biggest adventure: Bo- Walking in the woords. Guusje- To run the the woods.

Member since 10/03/2004
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