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Breed: Male Westie
L赩s (Canada)
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Born: April 14, 2004
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: L赩s (Canada)
Weight: About 15 pounds at 7 months

Favorite food: Lobster flavored pollock and smooth peanut butter.

Favorite toy: My rubber mice, my orange booboo bear plushie, my racoon plushie and my treat dispensing purple ball.

Favorite activity: Playing with my toys (with or without my ovoid-headed human caregiver), going out for walks and napping/cuddling with my friend Cleo the chunky kitty.

Special talents: I'm a very good social lubricant and provide my ovoid-headed human caregiver with plenty of smooth interactions with other members of his species, especially female ones. I'm also being trained to be a service dog (mainly retrieval tasks) for my human, who happens to be a wheelchair user.

Most embarrassing moment: I got trapped in the refrigerator when I was a wee little puppy. I got in there to lick the whipped cream bottle's top while my human was getting himself something. After the door closed, the light was turned off. I was so scared. That was the first time my human heard me yelp and bark!

Most trouble I ever got into: After I ate, shred and tore the cover and last chapter of my human's dog training manual. I ate so much paper my poop came out wrapped for three consecutive days.

My favorite friends: My ovoid-headed human and the chunky kitty Cleo. But I'm a very social and friendly puppy with all humans (especially kids), dogs and cats.

Biggest adventure: The one day I liked the most is the one I spent running free in a maple grove. It smelled of deer everywhere!

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