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Kyla, Keridwen and Keddie
Breed: Female and Male Westies
Robins AFB, Georgia
Kyla, Keridwen and Keddie
Kyla, Keridwen and Keddie
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Born: Aug '01, Sep' 04
Breed: Female and Male Westies
Residence: Robins AFB, Georgia
Weight: 12 lbs, 3 lbs, 4 lbs

Favorite food: Anything human/Momma's Milk.

Favorite toy: Anything squeaky/human toes and fingers.

Favorite activity: Kyla's favorite activity is to be loved...especially by her human Momma...sitting her human's lap while the human is at the computer is especially blissful if there are no human children around. Keridwen can be sassy at times, but loves her brother Keddie...she particularly enjoys chasing human toes! Keddie loves his sis, and his Momma Kyla, but he really enjoys being with humans and being snuggled while he sleeps!

Special talents: Kyla's special talent is bolting out the door before her lead is on, so that she can run free and check out all of the smells in the neighborhood. Kyla also likes to keep the home safe from such dangers as ironing boards, folding ladders, and squeaky coolers! Keridwen's special talent so far (she is just five weeks old currently) is to just melt our hearts! Keddie's special talent (he is five weeks as well) is to melt our hearts and seek out Momma Kyla's nipple at any opportunity and hang on while she attempts to walk away!

Most embarrassing moment: Kyla doesn't get embarassed...probably the closest is when she hears a noise, and comes charging out, only to discover that it is only one of her humans, and clearly no real threat...Keridwen and Keddie have yet to experience an embarassing moment.

Most trouble I ever got into: Kyla is generally a good girl, but with an extraordinarily strong spirit! The most trouble that she has gotten into would either be when she has decided to bolt out the door, and chooses not to come back for a bit, or when she gets mad at her humans, and poops on the carpet in front of the bedroom door to illustrate just how mad she is. So far the biggest trouble for Keridwen and Keddie is that the two of them are drawn to the area under the computer desk, which is NOT a safe place for puppies! Therefore their freedom currently, is a bit limited!

My favorite friends: Kyla's favorite friend is Kaylee, a rescue pup of Shepard and Lab origins...when she was a pup herself, she would balance on her hind paws and bap Kaylee in the face with her front paws! Too cute! Keridwen and Keddie love eachother dearly, but they also adore thier sister Tinkerbell, and their brothers Finn, and "Blue-boy" (who has yet to be named). .

Biggest adventure: Kyla's biggest adventure would have to be going to her boyfriend's (Winston)home for a week...Her humans were very nervous to part with her for any period of time, but Winston's parents were very hospitable to her, and respected her need to sleep with human's at night, and snuggle on the couch to watch television during the evening. For Keridwen and Keddie, their biggest adventure to date, outside of being born, would be the move from the bedroom to the kitchen, once they got to be a little older!

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