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Breed: Male Cairn
New jersey
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Born: February 28, 1999
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: New jersey
Weight: 21 pounds.

Favorite food: Pigs ears (my absolute favorite - back off, or I'll it'll get ugly!); pasta; cheese; hamburger.

Favorite toy: Football tug toy; rawhide bones; the other hundred various toys in my toybox!

Favorite activity: Chasing squirrels; overseeing the "kingdom"; getting attention; relentlessly stalking the cats (ours and the neighbors); riding in the car (to anywhere); romping in the snow.

Special talents: Doing evening "tuck-in service" for family and especially guests; chasing thunder away, (sorry, I "work" - I don't do tricks - "Tricks are for kids"!)

Most embarrassing moment: Pooping on the middle of the floor with guests over! (I was still a puppy in training at the time!)

Most trouble I ever got into: I simply cannot resist doing peepee on the barroom rug!!! I don't stop no matter how much trouble I get into!

My favorite friends: The Daddy, The Mommy, Zachary, The Hairy and Emily (our 2 cats)

Biggest adventure: Hiking through the woods behind our house; staying at the dog sitter overnight (I hate that!).

Member since 09/18/2004
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