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Chloe and Abbey
Breed: Female Westies
Dodge City, Kansas
Chloe and Abbey
Chloe and Abbey
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Born: Aug '99, Nov '01
Breed: Female Westies
Residence: Dodge City, Kansas
Weight: Chloe, 21 lbs & Abbey, 20 lbs

Favorite food: Anything our people are eating - otherwise we both love our dried liver snacks!

Favorite toy: Our rubber donuts stuffed with dried liver snacks, the Rhinosuros, any of our squeeky toys!

Favorite activity: Playing "get you - get me" with Dad! Going in the car with Mom to find squirrels in the park or get ice cream!! We also like laying on our backs and having our tummies rubbed.

Special talents: Chloe - Getting Dad to play "get you - get me"! Riding herd on my little sister. Abbey - Just generally getting into things but most especially biting the water that comes out of the garden hose.

Most embarrassing moment: Chloe - I rarely get embarrased. I'm too laid back. Abbey - When Chloe had to save me from a mean cat in our back yard.

My favorite friends: Each other!!

Biggest adventure: We get to go on trips with Mom and Dad a lot! Most especially we love going to Georgia where we always get to spend a few days with Chloe's Mommy & Daddy (Westies - Mattie and Max) and all of their people.

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