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Nessie, Iain, Tweedy
Breed: Westies and Cairn
San Diego, California
Nessie, Iain, Tweedy
Nessie, Iain, Tweedy
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Born: Mar '94, Dec '97, Jan '95
Breed: Westies and Cairn
Residence: San Diego, California
Weight: 20 lbs, 15 lbs, 14 lbs

Favorite food: Nessie: Limas from the lima trees. Iain: Anything, really. Tweedy: I'm finicky.

Favorite toy: Nessie: My green hedgehog. Iain: My pumpkin. Tweedy: I don't like toys.

Favorite activity: Nessie: Rolling in my mom's bed and making my hair a mess. Iain: Barking and getting scolded (I love the attention). Tweedy: Clinging to my mom's side at all hours. I'm a "velcro dog."

Special talents: Nessie: I have been said to be very intelligent! Iain: I make howling noises at my parents when they scold me. Tweedy: I'm the cutest, so everyone says.

Most embarrassing moment: Nessie: I always have at least one embarrassing moment per day, since I tend to steal my mom's socks and then get in trouble for it. Iain: I got in trouble for going to bathroom on someone once. Tweedy: I never do anything embarrassing.

Most trouble I ever got into: Nessie: Stealing a head of broccoli from a bag of groceries and running off with it! Iain: For going to the bathroom on someone. Tweedy: For being mean to Nessie and Iain sometimes.

My favorite friends: We like the dogs next doors.

Biggest adventure: We all lived through the California Wilffires last year. I had to live in the car with my mom for a few days. Iain: Tweedy and me once went on a trip to Portland Oregon.

My web page: Nessie, Iain, Tweedy's Website
Member since 06/26/2004
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