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Breed: Female Cairn
Jacksonville, Florida
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Born: January, 2002
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Jacksonville, Florida
Weight: 17 pounds

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Favorite food: Pupperoni snacks.

Favorite toy: Anything that my sister Fiona will like to take away from me.

Favorite activity: Chill out. Watch TV with mom, sit on her lap while she is in the computer..And of course some diggin and chasing lizards.

Special talents: Master Charmer..I have the look pat down, nobody can resist me!!!

Most embarrassing moment: I don't get embarrased...I mean everything I do..why regret it?

Most trouble I ever got into: I'm a perfect little angel, but most confess I did eat some of the window seals of my house, the trick was to have my sister Fiona to take the blame.

My favorite friends: My sister Fiona of course and Sebastian.

Biggest adventure: When I was almost mauled at the doggie park by a vicious big dog, when all I wanted was to explore the outdoors in solitude.

Member since 06/11/2004
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