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Wrigley and Dodger
Breed: Male Westies
Monroe, Michigan
Wrigley and Dodger
Wrigley and Dodger
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Born: Jun '02, Jun '03
Breed: Male Westies
Residence: Monroe, Michigan
Weight: 11 lbs, 18 lbs

Favorite food: M&M's, Bread, Beggin Strips & Pepperoni.

Favorite toy: Anything laying around.

Favorite activity: We love to play fetch, mom or dad throw the ball, Wrigley fetches it and Dodger chases Wrigley.

Special talents: Wrigley- I can catch my toys in the air. Dodger- I'm an olympic jumper.

Most embarrassing moment: Wrigley- My first hair cut was ridiculous-I couldn't even show my face. Dodger- I sometimes pee when I'm excited.

Most trouble I ever got into: We can get into a lot of trouble, but probably when we leave the yard without asking is the most trouble we've been in.

My favorite friends: Don't tell the other terriers, but our 2 best friend are of the feline type, if you know what we're saying - Princess and Fenway.

Biggest adventure: Camping at Jellystone is soooo much fun - We can't wait to go this summer.

Member since 06/20/2004
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