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Mac and Allie
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Mac and Allie
Mac and Allie
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Born: November, 2003
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Residence: Missouri
Weight: Not quite sure

Favorite food: Cheetos when we can get 'em!!

Favorite toy: Hurtin' Hurtin' Hippo (Mac's squeak toy) and Allie's canvas lizard.

Favorite activity: Mac loves to make his toys (and his sister) squeak. And Allie loves to eat.

Special talents: Mac holds the record for chewing the plastic squeak out of the toys and Allie can climb like a monkey.

Most embarrassing moment: We're still puppies, we haven't been embarrassed yet.

Most trouble I ever got into: Let's see, that would have to be when we got ahold of a magazine and tore it to shreds!! (That may have been our funnest moment too.).

My favorite friends: We are brother and sister so and we love each other dearly.

Biggest adventure: Our first trip to our groomer.

Member since 04/29/2004
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