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Breed: Female Westie
Oak Hill, Virginia
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Born: Not known...I was a rescue
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Oak Hill, Virginia
Weight: About 21 pounds...I'm a big girl!

My Family
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Favorite food: Canned Hill's Prescription food. I have lots of allergies so food choices are limited.

Favorite toy: As of the moment....my easter bunny!

Favorite activity: Taking walks with mom, playing fetch, napping and rolling over to have my chest rubbed.

Special talents: Opening the bathroom door to be with the person in the bathroom whether that person wants company or not!

Most embarrassing moment: Eager to get the morning going, I inadvertently licked dad inside his mouth when he was asleep with his mouth open....UGH!!

Most trouble I ever got into: When I dropped a hefty dead mouse at mom's feet when she was drying me off after being out in the rain. Mom screamed bloody murder but she couldn't be mad at me because I was only bringing her a present.

My favorite friends: Mosby, one of the family cats. The other cat, Phoebe, just won't befriend me. She's scared of everything! [but she's a sweetie and loves for mom to cuddle her].

Biggest adventure: Taking a long plane ride with mom and dad after they rescued me in another country.

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