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Breed: Male Westie
Litchfield, Illinois
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Born: November, 1996
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Litchfield, Illinois
Weight: 17 pounds

Favorite food: Carrots, tomatoes, apples and of course any kind of meat.

Favorite toy: Tennis balls and red frisbee.

Favorite activity: Chasing rabbits and squirrels and taking rides in the car.

Special talents: I taught myself to toss a tennis ball in the air and catch it with my red frisbee. Actually I taught Mom how to play the game with me. I'm even going to be on Planet's Funniest Animals ... I got the $$$ and a T-shirt.

Most embarrassing moment: I've had many for my Mom but I think the most was when I got pecked by my friend Sambird. (He's a cockatiel).

Most trouble I ever got into: Gosh was Mom mad at me! I was having fun tossing her favorite African Violet around the family room and kitchen. When she got home from work I was so happy to show her all the fun I had I didn't realize I'd been BAD.

My favorite friends: Mom is my very favorite friend. She takes me everywhere. But then I have an Aunt Dorothy that brings me "cookies" with the newspaper. AND then there's Gramma who hugs and adores me and spoils me when I go to visit her.

Biggest adventure: Oh, golly, I got to go to the deep woods of Wisconsin with Mom fishing and camping. I trapped a real live Beaver in a bunch of logs and he was really scared. But boy was that fun. Mom also let me go into the woods a little ways by myself to HUNT. I LOVE to HUNT!!!

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