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Breed: Male Cairn
Rochester Hills, Michigan
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Born: December, 2001
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Rochester Hills, Michigan
Weight: 18 pounds

Favorite food: My kibble, treats, carrots, and I go bonkers for popcorn.

Favorite toy: Miss Piggy, Snoopy, Moosie, and Louis the Lobster.

Favorite activity: Going for walks, riding in the car, watching for squirrels and rabbits.

Special talents: I won the obstacle course and musical chair competition on the last day of my Manners for Life class offered by the Michigan Humane Society.

Most embarrassing moment: When I was going for my first big boy ride, Mom caught me starting to pee in the back seat. She made Dad stop so I could finish outside. I haven't done that since.

Most trouble I ever got into: I kind of messed up the vertical blinds over the bay window. Mommy wanted new ones anyway.

My favorite friends: Jaz, Doolie, Miles, Princess, Daisy, Epi, and my neighbor who always has a treat for me.

Biggest adventure: Going to my Aunt's house in South Florida. She has two dogs, Daisy and Epi. Epi and I like to swim in the pool. They have weird grass down there.

Member since 02/12/2004
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