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Breed: Female Westie
New Haven, Connecticut
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Born: September, 2003
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: New Haven, Connecticut
Weight: 12 pounds

Favorite food: The cat's food!

Favorite toy: Red weiner dog, blue tug of war toy, and tennis ball on a rope.

Favorite activity: Playing fetch, chasing the cat,rough housing with my brother and sister, and sleeping on mom and dad's lap.

Special talents: Being a sweet dog. Does sitting count?

Most embarrassing moment: When I was chasing the cat and the cat leaped for the couch. I leaped after her, but missed the couch and the cat!

Most trouble I ever got into: Pooping under the coffee table, on the rug!

My favorite friends: Moe (the yellow lab next door), Ruby (a standerd poodle)Sophie (a basset hound) P.S. I don't like little dogs!

Biggest adventure: Going to Canada on an airplane.

Member since 02/08/2004
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