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Casper and Boo
Breed: Female and Male Westies
Irvine, California
Casper and Boo
Casper and Boo
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Born: Apr '00, Dec '02
Breed: Female and Male Westies
Residence: Irvine, California
Weight: 15 pounds

Favorite food: Anything.

Favorite toy: Tennis ball and teddy bear.

Favorite activity: Playing ball, swimming, chasing.

Special talents: Poohs 10x a day; walk on my hind legs; bark peircingly loud.

Most embarrassing moment: When Boo ran into the glass door cuz he thought it was open; When Casper got wiped out by a wave .

Most trouble I ever got into: Boo -- when I poohed in kitchen and then smeared it alllll around for my mommy to clean up; Casper - I never get into trouble.

My favorite friends: Sanibel, Duff and Cole.

Biggest adventure: Flying on an airplane.

Member since 01/17/2004
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