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Tulip and Rosie
Breed: Female Cairn and Westie
Los Angeles, California
Tulip and Rosie
Tulip and Rosie
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Born: May '02, May '03
Breed: Female Cairn and Westie
Residence: Los Angeles, California
Weight: 13 lbs, 8 lbs

Favorite food: Tulip- Peanut Butter, but Mom feeds me ADP Select. Rosie- Pretty much anything.

Favorite toy: Tulip- Anything with a squeaker, and that laser-pointer-toy-thing. Rosie- Any tug-o-war toy.

Favorite activity: Tulip- Having my tummy rubbed. Rosie- Tormenting my 'sister', Tulip. Playing 'swimming' in my water dish.

Special talents: Tulip- I can jump really high! Rosie- Dad says I'm really smart!

Most embarrassing moment: Tulip- I was meeting a new friend at an outdoor restaurant and peed right near his Mom's shoes. (I really HAD to GO!). Rosie- I sat in some poop and then went into the house and jumped on a guest.

Most trouble I ever got into: Tulip- I stole my Dad's burrito off the kitchen table. (He left the chair out just enough to jump up). Rosie- Pooping on the really good carpet.

My favorite friends: Tulip- Emma (Jack Russel) and Spotty (Doberman). Rosie- Emma (Jack Russel), and Spotty (Doberman).

Biggest adventure: Tulip- I got to travel with my Mom to New York for a week! We stayed at a great hotel. They gave me my own bed and welcome goodie bag. Everyone rubbed my tummy! Rosie- Any car ride!

Member since 10/28/2003
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