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Brands Hatch
Breed: Female Cairn
Honolulu, Hawaii
Brands Hatch
Brands Hatch
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Born: September, 2002
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Honolulu, Hawaii
Weight: 21 pounds (I'm bigger than your average Cairn)

Favorite food: Lamb & Rice kibble.

Favorite toy: My ropey monkey and tennis balls.

Favorite activity: Hunting varmints in my yard and in my granddad's and grandmom's garden.

Special talents: I'm a true hunter. Once I've got my nose on a scent that varmint is a goner.

Most embarrassing moment: I ran away from my ropey monkey when it squeaked. (Dad didn't know I'm not a squeaky-toy kind of girl, but he killed the squeaker for me.)

Most trouble I ever got into: I climbed up onto my dad's computer desk and knocked over his speakers and joystick and phone and pens.

My favorite friends: Dad. He's the one who gave me a forever home.

Biggest adventure: I haven't had one yet, but Dad says that's gonna change once we finish obedience training.

Member since 09/22/2003
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