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Guenevere and Scully
Breed: Female Westies
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Guenevere and Scully
Guenevere and Scully
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Born: Oct '98, Dec '02
Breed: Female Westies
Residence: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Weight: 8 kg, 6 kg

Favorite food: Guenevere- Cheese. Scully- Ham.

Favorite toy: Guenevere- Balls. Scully- Everything (includes furniture, walls, cats, etc)

Favorite activity: Guenevere- Play with balls. Scully- Play, Play, run the cats, chew the walls, the chairs, play play.

Special talents: Guenevere- Work as a therapy dog with down kids. Scully- Play Play.

Most embarrassing moment: Guenevere- I'm an angel Westie. Scully- When our owner discovers my activities she is not very happy.

Most trouble I ever got into: Guenevere- My big trouble is my daughter Scully. Scully- When I was 35 days old the vet said that I have a serious heart - pulmonar defect name "tetrallogy of fallot". But with care with my owner and vets I am here.

My favorite friends: Guenevere- Fiesta, Cayetana and the little Rougue they are persians cats. Also we live with a male persian named Poroto but we are not friends. Scully- My mom Guenevere and our cats.

My web page: Guenevere and Scully's Website
Member since 09/01/2003
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