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Breed: Female Westie
Phoenix, Arizona
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Born: August, 2000
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Phoenix, Arizona
Weight: 15 pounds

Favorite food: Nutro's Natural Choice Rice & Lamb Meal Dog Food.Same Brand Of Biscuits Too.

Favorite toy: Anything that makes noise and mom's socks. They are the best!! (she just keeps buying new ones).

Favorite activity: I Love To- Go for walks,but its so darn hot here.,running around outside acting crazy, pestering cats that come in the yard..HEY its my yard!!, riding in the car. Running around in circles after my tail.Barking at squirrels. The Goldfish in the pond are my friends.

Special talents: I Love To Pose For Pictures!!

Most embarrassing moment: Farting!! It Happens!! I am NEVER embarrassed either, but Mom is.I love to sit in moms lap and watch TV ,but she hates it when I fart on her.I just sniff my butt like where did that come from?

Most trouble I ever got into: When mom first brought me home and let me out to pee it was raining and I thought it was funny to take off into the woods. I came back full of burrs and mud.Ok Ok I didnt come back mom had to come and get me and I tell ya she was not a happy mom.

My favorite friends: My mom Kristy. She is the best everrrr!!

Biggest adventure: My first adventure was travelling from Minnesota to Phoenix, AZ on an airplane.Then back to Minnesota and then back again to Arizona where I now live.

My web page: Breezy's Website
Member since 09/16/2003
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