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Breed: Male Cairn
Arlington, Virginia
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Born: 1993
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Arlington, Virginia
Weight: 16 pounds

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Max the Good

Favorite food: IAMS dry and canned food.

Favorite toy: I've got a job, I don't play with toys.

Favorite activity: Curled up between my Mom and Dad, sleeping on Mom, barking at the cat, guarding Mom and Dad from the postman.

Special talents: Mom and Dad rescued me when I was 6 from the local animal shelter and I won them over by putting my paw on Mom's knee and then out in the play area I dug a hole under the fence and crawled into the other area! I am incredibly cute, its just natural. I can stay in the tripod begging position for a really long time and can look like a starving orphan who hasn't had a meal in a couple of days. It always wins over guests, but Mom and Dad just remark on my talent and don't always give me their food. I also have an incredibly loud bark! I always need to let Mom and Dad know that someone is opening a car door next door, or someone is walking on the other side of the street - I can hear them from the front door and that's my job! The postman and the UPS delivery guy are particularly evil. Sometimes Mom and Dad call me Officer O'Malley because I always am on alert, doing my job. I seem to get cuter everyday.

Most embarrassing moment: The day Mom and Dad brought me home, I went out in my new backyard with Dad and rolled in some poop. Dad had to give me a bath my very first day in my new home.

Most trouble I ever got into: Once when Mom and Dad were out, Mosby the cat pulled down the kitchen trash can and I ate all the corn cobs that were left over from Mom and Dad's dinner. They wondered when they came home why there were corn cobs around the living room. I threw up corn kernals for 2 days.

My favorite friends: Mosby the cat for sure and Maggie the cat (sort of).

Biggest adventure: Sometimes Mom and Dad drive to the Eastern Shore of Maryland and stay for a few days. I get to ride in Mom's lap in my doggie seatbelt and then I get all the attention - I don't have to share. I get to run around and chase seagulls off the dock.

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