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Bailey and Rigby
Breed: Female and Male Westies
Bailey and Rigby
Bailey and Rigby
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Born: March, 2002
Breed: Female and Male Westies
Weight: 14 lbs, 14 lbs

Favorite food: Chicken or lamb and rice.

Favorite toy: Bailey- Stuffed dog white of course. Rigby- White stuffed dog, ball on a rope.

Favorite activity: Bailey- Chasing chippmunks and squirrels Going on walks through the park. Rigby- I love to go on long walks and Chase chipmunks into their holes.

Special talents: Bailey- Sitting up so pretty and singing (howling). Rigby- Singing to the neighbors golden retriever.

Most embarrassing moment: Bailey- Learning to swim. I look so funny when I am wet!!! Rigby- Swimming lessons - I looked so silly dripping wet!!!

Most trouble I ever got into: Bailey- I love to dig up new flower balbs. Rigby- When I came in from the garden covered in black dirt with a flower bulb in my mouth.

My favorite friends: Bailey- My twin brother Rigby. We love each other. Kisses to each other!!! Rigby- My best friend is my sister Bailey! I look after her all the time. She's the best!!

Biggest adventure: Bailey- Going on vacation to Grandmas house in beautiful Wisconsin! I love to ride in the golf cart!!! Rigby- Riding in the golf cart at Voyager Village in Wisconsin. Grandma's house is there. My favorite palce to go!

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