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Breed: Male Westie
Vitoria-Alava, Spain
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Born: February, 2002
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Vitoria-Alava, Spain
Weight: 7 kg (15 lbs)

Favorite food: Cheese.

Favorite toy: Porky, Hedgehog.

Favorite activity: I love walking on the beach, gossiping, climbing mountains, and above all, playing with my palls Small and Zigor.

Special talents: I can spin, shake hands, and kiss, but I only kiss my best friends.

Most embarrassing moment: The first time I had to wear the raincoat.

Most trouble I ever got into: I chewed the hills of my owner's new pair of shoes the very day she had bought them. She got very crossed.

My favorite friends: I've got a girlfriend whose name is Nany. I used to play with her when we were younger, but she is a bit weird sometimes, and wouldn't play with me, so I've made friends with Small, Zigor, and specially, Blues, who puts my head into his mouth everytime he sees me.

Biggest adventure: When I was five months old I run away and went missing for half an hour. I entered one school and played with the children who where in the class of English. My owner was very worried, and I was quite upset, because I didn't know how to go back home. Fortunately, I had a pendant on my collar showing my address, and the teacher took me back home. It was great fun to see my owner cuddling everyone.

Member since 06/15/2003
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