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Maggie and Millie
Breed: Female Westies
Memphis, Tennessee
Maggie and Millie
Maggie and Millie
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Born: Maggie- May '01, Millie- unknown
Breed: Female Westies
Residence: Memphis, Tennessee
Weight: Maggie- 17 lbs, Millie- 18 lbs

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Favorite food: We both love ice!

Favorite toy: Maggie- mouse, dinosaur and nylabone. Millie-I'm just glad to have toys after my last home.

Favorite activity: Maggie- I love to bark at anything! Millie- Sleeping on my back with all four paws in the air.

Special talents: Maggie- When mom & dad were away, I jumped up on the table and changed the outgoing message on their answering machine to me barking! Too bad they didn't keep it. Millie-I sing for treats.

Most embarrassing moment: Maggie- When I took my dinner from the cat's litter box. Millie-I don't get emnarrassed.

Most trouble I ever got into: Maggie- Chewing up my mom's glasses...twice! Millie- Chewing up one of mom's high school yearbooks.

My favorite friends: Our brother Jake, cousins Greta, Charlie and Mitzi.

Biggest adventure: Maggie- Falling on the pool cover and then wading around in the stinky water. I needed a bath very badly! Millie- being rescured from the man who kept me locked in his bathroom for 3 years. I now have lots of room to run and play with all of my friends!

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