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Angus and Georgie
Breed: Male Cairn and Westie
Ontario, Canada
Angus and Georgie
Angus and Georgie
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Born: Aug '02, Jul '90
Breed: Male Cairn and Westie
Residence: Ontario, Canada
Weight: 21 lbs, 15 lbs

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Favorite food: Angus- Cheese. Georgie- Anything soft - I'm old!

Favorite toy: Angus- Nylabone Gallileo - I'm a chewer! Georgie- My dogbed.

Favorite activity: Angus- Chewing and bothering my Westie friend Georgie. Georgie- Sleeping.

Special talents: Angus- I can rollover, shake a paw but don't always come unless I want to. Georgie- I am very patient with my new friend Angus but once in awhile I have to let him know who's the boss.

Most embarrassing moment: Angus- Going to my friend Matt who is my vet, and getting weighed. Georgie- When I make a bad smell and everyone leaves.

Most trouble I ever got into: Angus- Digging in dad's special garden. I ate a lot of his plants but he forgave me. Georgie- Getting sprayed by a skunk. I thought I smelled pretty good but mommy didn't agree.

My favorite friends: Angus- Georgie. Georgie- Fred, (female cairn age 10), who passed away last year.

Biggest adventure: Angus- I went to visit my cousin Casey (Westie age 3) in Northern Ontario. Georgie- Catching a bunny rabbit when I was younger.

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