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Austin, Cameron and TinTin
Breed: Male Westies
Surrey, Canada
Austin, Cameron and TinTin
Austin, Cameron and TinTin
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Born: Austin & TinTin- Jan '99, Cameron- Sep '99
Breed: Male Westies
Residence: Surrey, Canada
Weight: 15-20 pounds

Favorite food: Carrots and Oranges.

Favorite toy: Ball Hockey ball inside my dad's sock.

Favorite activity: Running around the park and darting in and out of the water with all my siblings.

Special talents: The ususal....speak, sit , stay, etc. I also double as an alarm clock. I wake my dad up at EXACTLY the same time every morning, and let him know EXACTLY when it is time for bed.

Most embarrassing moment: We went to a farm, chased a rat under a composting grass pile and we all came out fluorescent yellow. We looked like tennis balls for 6 months till it grew out!

Most trouble I ever got into: Too many to mention! All in good fun though.

My favorite friends: All my family, and Don (dad's best friend).

Biggest adventure: Again, too many to mention. We get to go everywhere. However, our camping trips were the most fun.

Member since 05/08/2003
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