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Breed: Female Westie
San Diego, California
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Born: May, 1997
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: San Diego, California
Weight: 15 pounds

Favorite food: Cheese!

Favorite toy: Anything soft and fluffy.

Favorite activity: Chasing rats, mice, rabbits, etc.

Special talents: Agility, CGC, earthdog, and flyball.

Most embarrassing moment: Getting sprayed by a skunk- mom had to wash me three times in a row to get the smell out!

Most trouble I ever got into: Chewing through a decorative reigndeer, model horses, shoes, and just about everything else as a puppy. But now I'm an angel 0:)

My favorite friends: Yoda the pug, Cody my border collie "brother", Lucy the golden, Mandy the lhasa apso, Panda the shih tzu, and Rocky the shiba inu. I'm very popular.

Biggest adventure: A rat ran into the house, and I killed it while mom screamed.

Member since 04/28/2003
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