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Sophie and Bonnie
Breed: Female Westies
Clinton, Iowa
Sophie and Bonnie
Sophie and Bonnie
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Born: Apr '00, Nov '98
Breed: Female Westies
Residence: Clinton, Iowa
Weight: 13 lbs, 15 lbs

Favorite food: Sophie: Any kind of treat! Bonnie: Turkey.

Favorite toy: Sophie: Ball. Bonnie: Anything with a squeaker.

Favorite activity: Sophie: Playing fetch with my Mom, hunting squirrels & chasing Bonnie. Bonnie: Chasing Sophie & sitting in Mom's lap.

Special talents: Sophie: I can make everyone feel special. Bonnie: I do parlor tricks!

Most embarrassing moment: We don't have embarrassing moments, We're Westies!!

Most trouble I ever got into: Sophie: I killed a baby bunny once, Mom was really mad at me. Bonnie: One time I stole my Mom's turkey sandwich off of her plate. I thought she might like to share.

My favorite friends: Sophie: Bonnie, Louie, Buddy, Lady, and the cats and Grandma's house. Bonnie: Sophie and Mom.

Biggest adventure: Going to Grandma's house!!

Member since 04/18/2003
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