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Bella Mia and Brianna
Breed: Female Westies
Bella Mia and Brianna
Bella Mia and Brianna
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Born: Jan '02, Mar '02
Breed: Female Westies
Weight: 18 Lbs

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Favorite food: Science Diet Z/D.

Favorite toy: All stuffed animals and Golf balls.

Favorite activity: Chasing anything in the yard. Playing with Brianna and Merck my brother & sister who are Westies too.

Special talents: I sit, give paw, laydown, and dance when mommy asks me to (but I better have a treat).

Most embarrassing moment: Bella Mia- Running in the hallway after mommy mopped the floor and slipped all the way down.

Most trouble I ever got into: Bella Mia- Don't come to mommy when she calls me cause I'm too busy chasing the squirrels up the trees with my brother and sister.

My favorite friends: I get along well (most of the time) with the foster westies. I love my brother and sister Westies. My best friend in the entire world is mommy & daddy.

Biggest adventure: Went on a trip all through south florida in an RV with my family. We picked up 2 fosters that week too, it was crowed but we had fun.

Member since 03/23/2003
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